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Our clients say that they sleep better at night because of their confidence in the work we do. Because of our attention to detail, we are able to anticipate and develop plans for dealing with matters that might go wrong. Our ability to limit the risk of problems is why our clients recommend our law offices to their friends and colleagues. To learn how we can help your business succeed, contact a San Jose business attorney at Lawrence R. Jensen, Attorney at Law.

Our clients come to us for assistance with a wide range of business and real estate matters. Our extensive knowledge of business conditions in Northern California allows us to guide and counsel businesses and individuals in many commercial and real estate matters.

Real Estate Law : We focus on the purchase and sale of commercial property, leases, and other commercial real estate matters. We also handle residential property. In both commercial and residential real estate transactions, we prepare documents, such as purchase and sale agreements, disclosure documents, deeds, promissory notes, deeds of trust, escrow instructions, and leases or rental agreements. We review documents and contracts prepared by others, always seeking to serve our clients’ best interests.
Business Law : Our practice in business and commercial law includes entity formation and counseling, such as LLCs, partnerships, S corporations, C corporations, and non-profits. Whatever the client ultimately decides, our lawyer provides a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of each type of business entity so that clients are in a position to select the form best suited to their needs. We also assist business entities with issuance of stock, or membership interests, or other securities, and advise officers, directors, and managers regarding their duties. Finally, we help people purchase and sell businesses, including offering advice on due diligence, and draft the contracts that companies need as they move forward.
Litigation and Arbitration : When, despite our best efforts, disputes arise in business and real estate matters, we provide our clients with litigation and arbitration services to help resolve problems. We serve a wide range of business customers, including brokers, real estate agents, landlords, and contractors.
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